The Royal electric recliner sofa - two seater
The Royal electric recliner sofa - three seater
The Royal electric recliner sofa - two seater
The Royal electric recliner sofa - three seater

Practicality and versatility combined with modern styling are the key features which make the Royal a hugely popular electric recliner sofa.

The Royal electric recliner sofa has large supportive wings to ensure the cushions are held in position while the three bolster cushions, each removable with its own zipped back, enable the users to create their own personalised configuration. The Royal Riser Recliner electric recliner sofa is available with four types of mechanism, any fabric including leather and made to fit your body for maximum comfort.

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Key Benefits

Made to fit

Large range of fabrics

Plus size (up to 445kg)

British made

Unique to you

Range of movements

  • Seating & Pressure care
  • Fabric
  • Accessories & options
  • Seating & Pressure care


    • Vasco pressure seating (seat and foot section)
    • Gel pressure seating (seat + Vasco in foot section)
    • Dynamic Air (Seat + Vasco in foot section)
    • Massage and heated seat (6 point or 10 point)
    • Removable seat (This option means you can have a replaceable pressure cushion in your chair which you can renew or upgrade at any time in the future)
    The Royal electric recliner sofa - two seater



    • Standard fabrics
    • Waterproof fabric crib 5 (crib 5 is a high level of fireproof)
    • Fabric protection treatment
    • Leather
    • Ultra leather
    • Available in an assortment of various colours to suit your individual taste and requirements

    Below is a selection of swatches of our best selling fabrics.
    Many more fabrics and colours are available upon request:

    Accessories & options


    • Various back options
    • Arm options
    • Head cover
    • Scatter cushions


    • Battery backup ( Chairs have a battery in case of a power cut so you can't get stuck in the chair but this is a more powerful battery backup so you can continue using the chair during longer periods of an electrical power cut)
    • USB port


    • Side transfer arm on one or both sides (this option for someone who is wheelchair bound so they can side transfer into the chair)
    • Wooden knuckle arm
    • Arm caps


    • Seat width 18 - 22"
    • Seat depth 17 - 21"
    • Seat height 15 - 21"
    Barrowford chairs for the elderly day chair with throw cushion
    Riser recliner chair arm swing option
    Demonstration recliner chair


    What happens at a free home demonstration?

    I bring my demonstration Rise and Recline Chair with different backs and arms so you can experience many different chairs in one chair in order to get the right chair for you.

    You will sit in the chair while I assess the correct seat height, seat depth, seat width, back height and arm height for you.

    You will be able to use the controls to recline and rise the chair and become familiar with all the functions and all the positions the rise and recline chair can be in and find your comfortable place.

    Once you are happy with the right back, arms and size for you, you might want to look at fabric choices for which there are many.

    After you are happy with the fabric choice and any accessories have been discussed and added if required a quotation will be given and you will have as much time as you like to think about it and decide what you would like to do.

    What do I do with my old furniture?

    If you don’t want your old furniture any more, we can take it away free of charge. We will either donate it to a charity shop or recycle it responsibly for you because the environment is important to us.

    Am I eligible for VAT exemption?

    If you suffer from a chronic disability or sickness, you are most likely exempt from VAT on a Rise and Recline Chair or an Adjustable Bed.
    Some examples are Arthritis, Diabetes, Oedema, Heart problems, Stroke and many others.

    How much electricity does an electric Rise and Recliner Use?

    An electric Rise and Recline will use between 15w and 60w depending on the size of your chair and whether you are operating it or if it is in sleep mode. So, about the same or less than a light bulb.

    Can I buy matching sofas?

    Settees are available in two versions – static or electric recline. Whether you choose to have your rise and recliner sofa as a fixed traditional arrangement or with static or an electric ‘wall hugger’ mechanism, you are assured of total comfort and relaxation.

    Can I buy fabric protection for my chair?

    Yes, we offer Staingard Chair Care Plan for all our Chairs, sofas and Beds. It provides comprehensive cover for your chair or bed against stains, accidental damage and structural defects for 5 years. Please ask for more information.

    How fast can I get my Rise and Recline Chair?

    Rise and Recline Chair lead times are presently about 6 weeks and lead times are coming down all the time so please ask us what the present lead times are as they have been as short as 2 weeks.


    I needed an electric bed as I needed to have my legs elevated at night. The bed that JR Recliners supplied me was perfect. They didn’t just deliver it, they installed it and took my old Bed away at no extra charge.
    I couldn’t be more happy with the Bed and the service. Thank you JR Recliners.

    After buying a couple of other Rise and Recline Chairs that weren’t the best I went to JR Recliners for help and I couldn’t be happier with the service and the quality of the Chair is far superior and is exactly what I needed. I recommend JR Recliners 100% for Rise and Recline Chairs.

    Lesley Fussell

    Our new Rise and Recline Chair makes getting up and sitting comfortably so much better we wish we bought it sooner.

    Mrs Blount

    I needed a fully supportive Reclining Care Chair for my husband so that he could be as comfortable as possible after he had a stroke and Jon was very good at providing everything he needed.



    I wasn’t able to sit comfortably in any of my lounge chairs any more as they were too low and soft. My son and daughter organised Jon to bring a demonstration to my apartment. Jon found the perfect Chair for me which was delivered in good time and now I can sit comfortably for the first time in a long time. Jon even took my old chair away free of charge and recycled it, which was a great help.



    My son organised Jon from JR Recliners to come to the house with a demonstration Rise and Recline Chair.
    Jon was friendly and professional. The Chair was perfect, just what I needed as I was finding it a struggle to stand up from my other chairs. This has taken the struggle out of standing.